Pair Your Stand Up Paddle Board With The Best Stand Up Paddle

Pair Your Stand Up Paddle Board With the Best Stand Up Paddle

Stand up paddle boarding is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. In order to SUP, you’re going to need a SUP board and a stand up paddle. The paddle is going to help you propel yourself forward across the water while you’re on your SUP. 

Pure Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle 3-Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle


In this guide, we’re going to talk to you about how to choose the best stand up paddle, which is very important because you aren’t going to be able to get very far without a paddle! We also have three great options that we feel are worth your consideration!

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get this party started shall we?

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Stand Up Paddle Components

When looking at SUP paddles, there are three components that make up the paddle: the shaft, the blade, and the handle.

The Shaft

The shaft of the paddle is where you’re going to get the length from. The length of your paddle is going to depend on how tall you are, what type of water you’ll be SUPing in, and type of SUP board you’re going to be using. It’s a general rule that when you’re choosing a paddle, it should be between 8 inches to 12 inches taller than you when standing.

If you use a paddle that is shorter, it is going to be more work on you to get anywhere; any longer than 12 inches and it’s going to be harder to pull the paddle out of the water. The materials commonly used for the shaft include: carbon, fiberglass, wood, or a combination of these.

The Blade

The blade of the paddle is important of the paddle because this is what is going to help you push through the water. The blade has been designed to have a low profile and slender to decrease the amount of drag you’ll experience. While you’re paddling, the force you employ is going to move the water, causing you to move through the water.

Adjustable CARBON FIBER 'Slider' SUP Paddle by BPS

The blades are often broken up into three categories: small (good for beginners), medium (good for speed) and a large rounded blade (good for experienced paddlers).

It’s a good idea to be realistic in your skill level when you’re trying to choose the best size paddle for SUP, particularly with the blade, because if you choose the wrong blade style, you could be making the paddling a lot harder for yourself.

The Blade Angle

As you begin looking for your paddle, you’ll notice that the blade will be angled slightly from the shaft. You might think that having a bent paddle blade is going to make paddling harder, it really isn’t. The blade is angled for three reasons:

  • More power can be generated in your stroke.
  • The nose of your board isn’t going to dip into the water because of the force of your stroke.
  • The end of the stroke, the water is going to drain better and you aren’t lifting any water when pulling the blade from the water.
  • ​The angle you choose is going to be a personal preference, but when it doubt, go with the 10% angled blade.
  • Materials often used for the blade include (from best to okay): carbon fiber, fiber glass, or aluminum.

The Handle (Palm Grips)

While the handle of your paddle may not seem like it is an important factor in choosing a paddle, it actually is. The handle should be ergonomic and feel good in the hand. We like handles that are made from carbon fiber because its smooth, it fit and feels nice in the hand, and we’ll be honest, it looks good too.

How To Hold Your SUP Paddle

When you’re holding your paddle, you’re going to want to make sure that the bent blade is pointed away from you because this reduces drag and it actually creates lift to help you glide more smoothly through the water.

Maximize Your Paddling With A Proper Forward Stroke

Next, you should know that when your paddle is on the right side of your board, your left arm should be on the palm grip and vice versa. When you switch sides, remember to switch which hand goes on top.

When you are paddling, you’ll want to push the paddle down into the water and pull it back toward your ankle. Any further than that and you’re just wasting energy. Also, remember to pull with your core (meaning you’ll twist your torso), not your arms. Your core is a whole lot stronger than your arms and you’re going to be able to get much more power out of your strokes.

Now that we’ve gone over the parts of the paddle, what to look for, and even how to hold the SUP paddle correctly, let’s take a look at three mini stand up paddle reviews that we think are great options.

The Best Stand Up Paddle Reviews

Here are the three mini reviews of paddles that we think are great options for you.

Winner: iGK Pure Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

The iGK carbon SUP paddle is designed to be the lightest SUP paddle on the market without compromising its strength. The paddle, weighing less than 2 pounds, is an adjustable unit that can be adjusted between 72 inches to 86 inches in length.

Notable features Of The Pure Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle Include:

  • Constructed with Pure Carbon Fiber you don't have to worry about the weight(680g)
  • 3-piece paddle is adjusts from 72 to 86 inches, making it ideal for anyone to use! It only takes seconds to setup and take apart
  • Double concave and dihedral blade adds stroke stability making paddle perfect for high performance paddle boarders.
  • The 3-compartment paddle bag makes travelling easy and prevents paddle from becoming too hot to handle


The locking mechanism on the paddle allows you to assemble and disassemble the paddle in less than 10 seconds. This quick assembly time ensures that you’ll be able to get out on the water that much quicker!

Pure Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle 3-Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle

Our Rating

The paddle is available in several different sizes so you can find the best stand up paddle for your specific needs and skill level. These paddles range from 80 sq. inches to 105 sq. inches, with a blade angles that are between 6 degrees to 12 degrees. It doesn’t matter what you enjoy doing, be it racing, surfing, or just paddling in calm waters, this is by far the best carbon SUP paddle around.

When looking at what people had to say about the Pure Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle they had great things to say. Customers enjoy the look of the carbon fiber and they also were impressed by how quickly the paddle can be assembled. Folks report that when they are using the paddle, they love how light it is, which helps them to paddle longer without feeling fatigued.

We tried looking for negative reviews on this product, but we were pleasantly surprised that there weren’t any causes for complaints. We can’t find anything wrong with that!

Runner Up: BPS Adjustable Carbon Fiber “Slider” SUP Paddle

This paddle by Bullet Proof Surf (BPS) is part of their high performance line and it is features a carbon shaft, carbon fiber handle, and a fiberglass and nylon composite blade. These materials were chosen because they aren’t going to be prone to damage like other paddles, which means it is going to be much stronger and more durable when its being used.

Notable Features Of The BPS Adjustable Carbon Fiber “Slider” SUP Paddle Include

  • Paddle only weighs 1.7 pounds and features a an adjustable carbon fiber shaft
  • Fiberglass and nylon composite blade
  • Free paddle bag with Velcro ties and reflective lining
  • Paddle stays locked in place and can adjust from 69 inches to 85 inches


This particular paddle also comes with a carrying bag that has a reflective lining. This lining was chosen to protect your paddle from the UV rays doing damage to your paddle. Also, the bag that is included has Velcro straps on the outside, allowing you to carry an additional paddle if you need or want to.

Adjustable CARBON FIBER 'Slider' SUP Paddle by BPS

Our Rating

We wanted to know what customers thought of the BPS Adjustable Carbon Fiber “Slider” SUP Paddle, and we were pleased to see that the majority of customers enjoyed using this paddle. Customers rave about how rigid and solid the paddle is. They feel that the blade’s geometry is perfect and it allows them to easily glide through the water without much effort.

On the other hand, there were a few critical reviews left for this paddle. Of these not so glowing reviews, customers felt that the screws that held the paddle together wouldn’t tighten well enough to prevent the paddle from spinning. Other customers said that the overall construction on their blade was lackluster and the glue that held the handle on broke only after a few uses.

Alternative: Super Paddles Fiberglass SUP Paddle

For those who are looking for the best SUP fiberglass paddle, you may be interested in this one by Super Paddles. This particular paddle is a great stand up paddle for all sorts of activities, whether you want to relax on calm waters, you’d like to participate in a SUP race, or if you’d like to catch a few waves.

The paddle features a durable fiberglass shaft, a nylon blade that can take a beating, and has an ergonomic handle that’ll be comfortable in your hand.

Notable Features Of The Super Paddles Fiberglass SUP Paddle Include

  • Constructed with a fiberglass shaft, tough nylon blade, and stainless steel screws.
  • 3-piece paddle is adjustable from 72 to 86 inches, making it ideal for paddlers taller than 5 feet.
  • We designed the Fiberglass series as a high end entry-level paddle perfect for beginners and pros.
  • 1 year guarantee


The paddle was built to last, so if you’re a beginner and this is your first paddle, you’ll be pleased to know that this unit will be able to grow with you; meaning when you get more skilled as SUPing, you’ll still be able to enjoy this paddle.

Fiberglass SUP Paddle - 3-Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle

Our Rating

While this is an alternative to the other two products, we wanted to show you that the majority of customers who purchased the Super Paddles Fiberglass SUP Paddle enjoyed use it! These customers said that this particular paddle was very solidly constructed and it felt good in the hand.

People like that there wasn’t any flex in the blade, which is usually evident in other blades in this price range. Customers also like that the paddle comes with a carrying bag for easy transport and storage.

Though there are many positive reviews for this paddle, there were a few instances where the paddle didn’t live up to the customer’s expectations. Of these critical reviews, customers were disappointed in the construction.

One person purchased two paddles, got the components mixed up, and was frustrated to learn that the pieces didn’t fit together, although they were the same paddle. Others revealed that their paddles were damaged (scratches, dings, and such) upon arrival.

Our Recommendation

Before you go out on the water, you’re going to want to have one of the best SUP paddles, especially if this is an activity that you’re going to want to do a lot of. While all of these products are really good, we feel that one stands out above the rest: the iGK Pure Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle.

Stand up and paddle with iGK Pure Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle.

This paddle stands out from the rest because it has a pure carbon shaft, it’s adjustable, and it can be used for surfing, touring, or all around paddling.

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